Who am I

My name is Justin W. Flory, and I am a student attending the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am majoring in Networking and Systems Administration program, minoring in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

What I do

Among designing primitive websites such as this, I also work on a variety of other projects in my free time.

Fedora Project

Since December 2014, I am an active user of the Fedora Linux distribution and use it on my desktop, laptop, and some servers. I currently run Fedora 25 on all my primary machines.

I have been a contributor in the Fedora Project community since August 2015. I primarily work with Community Operations (CommOps), Marketing (via the Fedora Magazine), and Ambassadors. I am currently an Ambassador for the North America region.

You can read more about my activities in Fedora on my wiki page.


I was a community moderator for the SpigotMC project from April 2014 until October 2016. Part of my responsibilities involved handling forum reports, working with the community, and helping keep fires out. I also assisted as a community moderator on the SpigotMC IRC network.

You can find me on SpigotMC as jflory7.


For many years, I have run my own Minecraft multiplayer server network called CrystalCraftMC (sometimes abbreviated CCMC). CrystalCraftMC first opened in August 2012. From running my own Minecraft server, I taught myself basic web design skills, become familiar with working in a UNIX command line interface, learned various different software and services in Linux, and experimented with Java plugin development for the Minecraft server modding platform, Spigot.

Other projects

You can visit some of my other projects or spaces on the web by clicking the links below: