Justin W. Flory

Who am I

I'm Justin W. Flory. I'm currently a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. I'm pursuing an undergraduate degree in Networking and Systems Administration, minoring in Free and Open Source Software. I also participate in various free and open source software communities.

What I do

Fedora Project

Fedora Project logo

I am a contributor to the Fedora Project since August 2015. I currently focus on community management and analysis through data. My wiki page has more details of my Fedora contributions. In short, I spend a lot of time in these areas:

In the past, I've also served in these positions in Fedora:

MetaBrainz / MusicBrainz

MetaBrainz logo

I contribute to some of the MetaBrainz Foundation projects, but mostly MusicBrainz and ListenBrainz. I contribute in the following ways:


Opensource.com logo

I am a community moderator for Opensource.com, a popular online publication that promotes open source software, communities, and people. I contribute articles and help tell others why it's so awesome to write for Opensource.com.

RIT Linux Users Group (RITlug)

RIT Linux Users Group logo

I am the acting president of the RIT Linux Users Group at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I work with the executive board members to teach members new skills with open source, support projects happening in the community, and keep the club organized and healthy.


My GPG keyid is 0x39E45FB6014131E4. Feel free to send me encrypted email by default.